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River's South for String Orchestra


River’s South is inspired by a Chinese poem with the same title.  The poem was written in 839 AD by Bai Juyi: one of the most celebrated poets of the Tang Dynasty.  Throughout the poem, Bai cultivates idyllic images of the south bank of the Yangtze river.  My piece reverberates the poet’s melancholic nostalgia; since the scenery is no longer physically in front of him, such beauty can only be longingly recalled from one’s memory. 




Fabulous river’s south, familiar scene.

The rising sun dyes the water blazingly red,

The spring radiance paints the water azure blue,

How can I not miss river’s south?


Remembering river’s south, I miss Hangzhou the most.

Picking the sweet Osmanthus in the mountain temple under the moon,  

Watching waves in the eastern pavilion,

When can I revisit?


Remembering river’s south, I miss the Wu palace the next.

The exquisite bamboo green liquor, 

The intoxicating beauty of the dancing ladies,

When do we meet again?

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