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Journey – Trio for Violin, Bass Clarinet & Piano 14’


This piece was commissioned by Trio Clavino in 2013 during their China tour. 

 The piece titled Journey 行consists of 4 movements: I – Waking 醒; II – Chanting 吟; III – Walking 步; IV – Dancing 舞. The entire piece is derived from a 4-note motive: C#, D, F & G.  This motive is first introduced at the beginning of section II by the solo bass Cl. The Mvmt I is really the “prequel” which deduces, or “dreams up” the central motive.  In each of the mvmt II, III and IV, the Set assumes different tonal identity: Pentatonic in section II, thus providing a traditional Chinese folk song like atmosphere; Jazzy/Blues in section III, thus becoming decidedly American; and octatonic in section IV to give a jagged, modernistic feel.

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