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Sonatina for Oboe & Piano 13’


Description: Sonatina for Oboe and Piano was written in 2016.  It consists of three movements, each being a letter of personal homage.  The first movement titled “Spring Festival” is a tribute to Beijing, my birthplace.  The music opens with a fanfare passage by oboe that is immediately echoed by piano.  The brief dialogue quickly leads to the first main theme of the movement: an up-tempo, rhythmically vibrant melody reminiscent of a Chinese folk dance.  The second theme in a slower tempo, is clumsy, somewhat crude yet with abundant charm and humor. The first theme reappears before the movement ends on the uplifting fanfare, much similar to how it all started.  The second movement titled “Ballade” is a letter to my beloved wife, whose elegance and passion inspired me to write this lyrical, through composed piece as a manifest of love.  The third movement titled “Child’s Play” is dedicated to one of my closest childhood friends, himself a terrific oboist.  The movement is loosely in an A-B-A form.  The two outer sections feature a playful melody in neo-classical style and are separated by a casual and whimsical middle section. 

I. Spring Festival


II. Ballade

III. Child’s Play

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