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A Celebration!!! - Variations and Rhapsody for Orchestra 9’


A Celebration!!! was commissioned by my alma mater, Franklin & Marshall College and it was performed in its chamber ensemble version by F&M Philharmonia on Mar. 4, 2017. The piece is based on two musical ideas, one melodic and the other rhythmic. The piece begins with the melodic idea introduced by solo bass clarinet. It then goes through a series of variations that lead to a quasi-minimalistic segment of rhythmic modulation. At the end of the modulation, the main rhythmic motive is revealed. (It is the Morse code of “F” and “M”, a tribune to my alma mater: Franklin & Marshall College.) The original melody then returns in full force, this time fully integrated into the “F&M” rhythmic pattern. It brings the music to climax, before the entire piece ends on a joyous and energetic declaration.

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